Computer diagnostics of the car

Computer diagnostics – a thorough analysis of the performance of controllers and sensors of the vehicle, and also decoding of error codes. A comprehensive check of the vehicle allows you to quickly identify the cause of the fault. Computer diagnostics will help to avoid costly repairs. We recommend a minimum of two times a year to perform a full diagnosis. This will reduce the risk of a breakdown in the systems of the car.

Features perform diagnostics

To conduct computer diagnostics requires special equipment and high-tech software. The survey is carried out comprehensively according to the following steps:

External inspection of the vehicle for defects;

Identification of the main operating parameters of the engine;

Detection of inconsistencies in the sensors;

Testing of electrical equipment.

We offer you to use our auto service. We perform diagnostics of cars of any brand. Highly qualified specialists will conduct a comprehensive study, accurate scanning of all systems. In the service station the most affordable prices. We use powerful software. Guarantee high accuracy of scan results. With our help, the drive will be safer and more comfortable.

The advantages of computer diagnostics

The failure of one system can cause damage to several mechanisms. It is therefore important at an early stage to identify and eliminate breakage. Only full computer diagnostics will help to eliminate problems and avoid costly repairs. You can also check individual systems:


Of the engine;

Climate control;

Automatic transmission;

The airbag;

Brake system;


Mounted equipment.

During the diagnostic computer reset service intervals. Is decoding and printing codes. From the control unit deletes the error that occurred. Also erased and written down keys immobilizer. The diagnosis of a subject vehicle with the installed network controllers (CAN bus) of all systems. Otherwise, will be limited to visual inspection of the broken nodes. It is much easier to prevent failure than to fix. Therefore, most car owners use computer diagnostics.

Regular inspection of all systems of the vehicle will detect the slightest deviation in the operation of the mechanisms. Computer diagnostics is important when buying a car. Research on the spetspribor would accurately determine the technical condition of the machine.

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