Tinted glass HLW

Toning and protection tapes 3M

Tinted car Windows

To be stylish, comfortable and beautiful car is the dream of every car owner. Many will agree that beauty and comfort largely depends on

quality tints. The company ’s Center Autotechnology” provides You with a tinted car Windows with 3M film. Have film

different degrees of shading, colors and shades to suit any taste. Together with tinted rear of the car, You can order pasting front glass

clear tape 3M and protect the elements of the body (e.g. lights, sills, front of the engine and other) protection film 3M Venture Shield.

Tinting car Windows is our specialty since 1998!

Below You can find our rates for all types of services. We have a comfortable waiting area where You can pass the time

prior to the completion of the work.

Years of experience and vast experience allow us to tone glass any cars quickly and efficiently!

Tinting glass

Why motorists all over the world trust the 3M films. American Corporation 3M in 1966, first received a patent for tint film for car Windows.

Since then, millions of motorists order service window tint films 3M. 3M company uses in the production of their own materials and design,

that allows you to control the process at all stages and ensures consistently high product quality. Plant 3M Tinted Films in the United States (St. Paul, Minnesota) annually produces tens of thousands of rolls of different films, which are then shipped around the world ( America, Russia, EU and Asia).

Tinting glass film 3M will provide You with comfort, comfort and safety at any time of the year!

Toning infinity

Most offer on the Russian market tinting films during operation noticeably quickly lose their color and transparency. In addition, the films of other little-known manufacturers (mostly Chinese) have a relatively weak adhesive layer and does not have a protective coating on the front surface, which makes

the film is resistant to rubbing and scratching from the internal seals. Installing films unskilled personnel also shortens the life of tinting,

which leads to complaints and claims from car owners. The 3M film is warranted against fading, fading (color changing) for a period of 5 years and have

the surface protective layer, preventing rubbing.

We are the first certified installer of 3M films and provide You with a warranty on the tint for the whole period of ownership of the car!

Our craftsmen have extensive experience in tinted glasses different cars since 1998. We toneroom glass without REMOVING the interior lining of the door, which guarantees the absence of any misunderstanding. Always have popular among motorists film INFINITY PR-VA Sun Tek (USA) various degrees of light transmission.

Toning infinity is a mirror film coated metal (aluminum), almost without incorporating dyes.

Toning infinity (mirror)

Toning chameleon

Also, under the order, there is toning chameleon – depending on the angle of view of the film changes color from purple to bright green.

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