The trunks (car roof) on the roof of Chevrolet Lanos

Our store offers You the trunks on the roof for Chevrolet Lanos . The car trunk is an indispensable accessory when going on vacation and in everyday life. To improve the convenience and efficiency of transport of goods that cannot be placed in the cabin or the trunk of your Chevrolet Lanos . use special car boots, which are fixed on the roof of the car.

Car trunks for Lanos Atlant

Roof racks Amos

What to look for when choosing a trunk

When choosing roof rack, you must pay attention to the following:

Avtobank must be adapted to the Russian weather conditions. To withstand Continue reading

On the roads of the Primorsky work machines, vacuum cleaners

The work goes on all day and night

Seasonal road machinery goes to work in the cities and districts of Primorye. About this IA “data” is informed in the press service of the Primorsky Krai administration.

In particular marked the onset of heat on the road came out of the machine vacuum cleaners. At night, the roads to the main roads of the city sweeping machinery, equipped with brushes. Morning shift deputize three car vacuum that remove debris, swept night in primordium zone.

The press service of Nakhodka city district noted that ’autopiloy» convenient operation. Continue reading

Want to buy a used car

Want to buy a used car, but I’m afraid to get on stolen or pledged under the loan vehicle? Then please contact us, we will help you not only to check on the car theft (Sevastopol). check out a car loan or auto punch in fines, but also to assess the cost of the machine, and to allow for full support of the purchase of the car in the Crimea .

Technical diagnostics of cars in Sevastopol is a mandatory check of the vehicle before purchase. The cost of diagnostics machine in IE Tkachenko C. D. minimum and diagnostics of the car in Crimea occurs only the best specialists.

If you want to check car stolen (Crimea) – nothing could be simpler! Contact us and our specialists will promptly be able Continue reading

Russia ranked the most expensive cars

Mercedes-Benz with their cars average $ 3.6 million rubles took first place in the TOP 10 of the most elite and expensive cars on the Russian market. The second position is located Land Rover, followed by Lexus, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Mitsubishi.

The cheapest brands on the Russian market recognized the car from the South Korean group Daewoo. In the top ten ranking also includes domestic Lada, kitaiskie Lifan and Chery, French Renault, Chevrolet, Citroen, Great Wall, Peugeot, Hyundai.

Information prepared by the analysts of the Agency AUTOSTAT. According to experts within nine months of 2014, Continue reading

ZOOBLES Family car with accessories

Product information:

ZOOBLES (SABLS) Family car with accessories is a great play set for all fans of Sabls.

Supls love to travel the world and therefore has acquired a great family car. With him they can freely and quickly navigate to any distance, to visit each other’s homes and, of course, to go on picnics.


-1 figure of supls


-numerous accessories (umbrellas, picnic basket, ball, and so on)

Additional information:

-material: plastic

-note: small accessories in sets presented in the assortment. Continue reading

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