Pick up the battery

Buy battery for cars wholesale will help our service program ’ Selection of accumulator ».

Rules for selection of battery

The selection of the battery is carried out consistently across multiple vehicle parameters, such as:


Car brand

Engine type (this parameter is essential for the selection of the battery)


Month and year of the car

The database contains most of the vehicles produced for the European market from 1994 to the beginning of 2012 Contact us if you cannot determine what battery is needed for the car.

Evaluation of the results Continue reading

Tinted glass cars

What are the advantages received by the owner, tonitrua car?

Perhaps the biggest plus toning car, which many people do this operation – it is a beauty. Tinted car looks more beautiful, even more solid than the same car, but without toning.

Tinted glass of the car to hide not only the passengers and the driver, but things, as well as valuable equipment (sound system, telephones and others) left or installed in the car.

Tinted glass saves people in the interior from the summer sun.

If staining was performed quality film and decreases the exposure to ultraviolet light in the cabin that reduces fading.

In the case when the glass is broken, tinted Continue reading

New “heights” of petrol: a-95 for 30 UAH per liter

The road will be covered with concrete, because it was cheaper

Two months of 2014 in the registered capital of 104 cases of misappropriation of motor vehicles.

According to the Department of traffic police of Kiev. the most popular among thieves are VAZ cars 23 of the theft. In second place with 13 cars Toyota. the three “leaders” cars Mitsubishi and Mercedes-Benz 7 abduction. Then there are cars Mazda 5 cars and BMW 3 theft.

Often the vehicle was stolen on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Mostly these crimes are carried out at night at night stole 71 car. Most of the thefts committed Continue reading

Allow to spend the parent capital to buy a car

The government has proposed to consider the use of maternity capital to buy cars. This was reported on the official website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The proposal was designed according to the results of government meeting on measures to support the Russian market of automotive engineering. Now it should be carefully worked out in the Ministry of labor, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of economic development and the Ministry of industry and trade. On results of work of the heads of departments are required to report until February 12, 2015.

Deputy Prime Minister for social Affairs Olga Golodets have Continue reading

Service center

The dealership CTK CENTER has a large staff of skilled craftsmen, the necessary technical equipment for carrying out warranty and post-warranty service and repair of vehicles Nissan. At our disposal are:

most large-area car service Nissan elective 3 thousand square meters;

25 modern lift systems, with which you can produce high-quality repair of chassis, braking system, cooling and ventilation, as well as repair of the engine of Nissan;

2 posts diagnostics of electronic systems and electrical equipment of the vehicle;

paint and body shop total area of 716 square meters;

modern painting restoration laboratory short cycle (four posts of preparation and one spray booth);

three Continue reading

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