ZOOBLES Family car with accessories

Product information:

ZOOBLES (SABLS) Family car with accessories is a great play set for all fans of Sabls.

Supls love to travel the world and therefore has acquired a great family car. With him they can freely and quickly navigate to any distance, to visit each other’s homes and, of course, to go on picnics.


-1 figure of supls


-numerous accessories (umbrellas, picnic basket, ball, and so on)

Additional information:

-material: plastic

-note: small accessories in sets presented in the assortment. The figure of sabls and car all sets are the same. When ordering multiple sets, you may receive the same.

-package dimensions (LxWxH): 10,h,h,1 cm

This play set will appeal to all fans of Sabls. The toy develops imagination and creativity of your children.

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