The trunks (car roof) on the roof of Chevrolet Lanos

Our store offers You the trunks on the roof for Chevrolet Lanos . The car trunk is an indispensable accessory when going on vacation and in everyday life. To improve the convenience and efficiency of transport of goods that cannot be placed in the cabin or the trunk of your Chevrolet Lanos . use special car boots, which are fixed on the roof of the car.

Car trunks for Lanos Atlant

Roof racks Amos

What to look for when choosing a trunk

When choosing roof rack, you must pay attention to the following:

Avtobank must be adapted to the Russian weather conditions. To withstand temperature changes, to be hardy to withstand high humidity, frost.

The trunk should be easily installed and removed and can be adapted for use specifically for Your car model.

Avtobank should be pretty easy, so as not to create excessive load on the roof of the car.

What are the trunks

The cost of the car trunk depends on the ease of use, and not on the design of the trademark. Of course, expensive models have a more stylish design, but first it is worth the convenience and ease of operation. Also important is the quality of the materials from which made the trunk. In the manufacture of modern trunks manufacturers are trying to reduce their impact on the operation of the vehicle.

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