The most expensive car in the world

In our country always of high interest to the phenomena and facts from the series Guinness world record. Motorists are no exception. So today we will talk about what is the most expensive car in the world.

It is known that the cars are divided into serial, antique and sports cars. The most expensive antique cars

Antique cars – special category. Their cost can amount to tens of millions of dollars. For example, today belongs to the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic cost almost $ 40 million. For that kind of money?

Interestingly, the initial price of record in 1971 was 59 000 dollars. Out, for 40 years he went up to 500 times! It was built Continue reading

Aston Martin has unveiled its fastest car


Automotive company Aston Martin has finally declassified data on its very quick car. Today was his presentation.

The fastest Aston Martin, intended for driving on public roads, which has ever been created in the company, has been updated model V12 Vintage S. He is second in speed only model One-77, but it was limited edition and is not considered.

The car has a 6-litre, 12-cylinder engine capacity of 573 HP V12 Vintage S capable of speeds up to 330 km/h acceleration Continue reading

The ranking of the most quiet and the most noisy car

As is known,the noise in the car can have a big impact on the driver, causing fatigue and nervousness. The sound of the engine, suspension, tires and rolling wind – this is only part of the sources of acoustic discomfort. Automakers are struggling with them, improving noise and aerodynamics. Success is on their side: modern cars are much quieter for those who are sitting in the cabin. At least some of them.

Journalists of the German publication Autobild ranked the most peaceful and the most noisy machines on the results of their tests for the year. The measurements were conducted inside the cabin at a speed of 130 km/h with the Windows closed Continue reading

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