Rent a car in Neftekamsk


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Car rental leasing PitStop is one of the leaders in Neftekamsk and RB. Our company offers a huge selection of rental cars at affordable prices and tastes intermediate size cars and business class.

Automarket PitStop is reliable cooperation and quality service car rental service. We work all day, every day. Our vehicles are in perfect technical condition. And this is one of the important factors in the rental car. Therefore, leasing PitStop has its own service and quality care for the state machines. All vehicles have a clean look, Continue reading

Metal garages

We offer a wide range of building services at affordable prices, namely:

The company is located at the address: Crimea, Sevastopol, street pleasant 15

To order quite simply, our specialists will conduct the measurements, making calculations. will deliver and install the required products. You should not worry, because in our state employs only highly skilled workers who know their job perfectly well, do their job quickly and efficiently!

Besides, our clients have the opportunity to obtain expert advice as you are in the office at the entrance to the facility.

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Computer diagnostics of the car

Computer diagnostics – a thorough analysis of the performance of controllers and sensors of the vehicle, and also decoding of error codes. A comprehensive check of the vehicle allows you to quickly identify the cause of the fault. Computer diagnostics will help to avoid costly repairs. We recommend a minimum of two times a year to perform a full diagnosis. This will reduce the risk of a breakdown in the systems of the car.

Features perform diagnostics

To conduct computer diagnostics requires special equipment and high-tech software. The survey is carried out comprehensively according to the following steps:

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