The refusal to open doors

There are times when you have to refuse the request to open the door, Deposit box or car. The reasons for this are different.

Grounds for refusal to open the door can be different, for example: Lack of documents on the right of disposal or stay in the apartment.

The conflict between relatives or neighbors (in this situation the work is carried out only in the presence of the district inspector). At night we open the doors of the apartments, only if the applicant has the key, but the lock is broken (this is due to the questioning of neighbors to determine the fact of residence at this address).

Replacement of locks in the doors, as a rule, occurs in the daytime, because the work is often associated with high noise levels. Offices are opened only upon presentation of documents on the premises. To open the garage or shell, you must show documents on the machine that is inside.

Safes and metal cabinets in organizations reveal in working hours according to the leadership of a company or enterprise.

In order to open the car, you must present the Certificate of registration of the vehicle. If the documents are with the keys in the car, they seem to our master immediately after opening the car.

At any point in the wizard still has the right to refuse to work on opening locks without giving reasons.

Professionally (without damage) would find the car of any brand, unlock the interlock will open the door to the apartment, install and replace the lock, cut open the safe of any degree of protection, make keys, will repair the door, please call us and the wizard will solve your problem with locks quickly and efficiently in Saratov, Engels, Samara, Togliatti, Ulyanovsk and Dimitrovgrad and in the near-lying settlements.

Opening the safes and metal cabinets

Opening metal doors

Slammed the door, and keys forgotten in the apartment? Jammed lock? The key was broken?

Do not rush yourself to break the door. Call the professionals! +79171346001

Our masters are professionally engaged in the opening, replacement and installation of locks on the door of any complexity. The opening doors are manufactured using a special tool. The wizard will open Your door without damaging its structure and appearance (when available). Next, the wizard will replace the opened lock, if he is hopelessly corrupt and install a new one. If you have previously opened the castle, had a seat not corresponding to a new, chosen, the castle, the wizard will install it in another location. If the opening of locks, Amateurs caused some damage to the structural door our master will correct them, digest loop will install the patch.

Opening car

Our craftsmen are ready to help You on opening of the vehicle in case of loss of the key fault of the car lock the doors and opening the trunk or hood of the car.

The opening of cars, both domestic and imported.

Installation of locks

Our masters will come and install locks most suitable for Your door. We can set the lock for both Russian and foreign production. It is possible to install locks with the use of electric welding. So we can weld the hinges. We install locks on the old place, making the replacement of the old castle, and carry out the installation of locks in a new place. When replacing the lock it is possible to install more proof lock imported when tolidine and door design.

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