All kinds of car repair

Computer diagnostics of the car

Computer diagnostics engine

Computer diagnostics of electronic systems

Computer diagnostics of the parameters of the sensors

Diagnosis of the ignition system

Measuring engine compression

Diagnosis of attachments

Computer diagnostics suspension

Computer diagnostics engine is one of the most important components of care for the power unit. It helps to promptly detect any failure of structural elements of the vehicle, make the strategy work and to provide recommendations for care. Don’t forget that regular inspection of the engine – the key to reliable operation of the vehicle – do not neglect it. Computer diagnostics of electronic systems will allow you to detect the problem in the most complicated parts of the car. All modern machines, to one extent or another, are equipped with electronic filling, the state of which depends on the correct operation of the machine.

Computer diagnostics of the parameters of the sensors is a procedure which can not do without if you rely on continuous operation. The engine temperature sensor gives you the opportunity to review the performance of the heating unit, the Sensor of oxygen concentration helps to measure the amount of excess air entering the engine.

Diagnosis of the ignition system provides an opportunity to identify issues and address them. The ignition system is quite important site car mechanics provides needs constant care.

Measuring engine compression is one of the most common ways of detecting malfunction of the unit. The pressure gauge is installed in place of the spark plugs and the way the measurement data compression. This method is quite inexpensive and quite accurate, so do not neglect them, because, remember, the engine is the heart of your car. Diagnosis of the fuel injection system (injector) will help you to detect faults in the supply of motor gasoline or diesel fuel. Specialists from our service center, using the most modern diagnostic equipment, will help you save a lot of useless spent fuel.

Diagnosis of the mounted equipment is the best way to detect problems such structural elements of the car as a generator, air conditioning, steering, cooling system of the power unit. It from working properly mounted equipment depends on the implementation of the car most of the functions, so don’t forget about the regular conduct of this procedure.

Also, in addition to computer diagnostics, our one HUNDRED and performs all operations on repair and replacement of car electronics .

If You need electricy in Veliky Novgorod, the specialists of our service center will help you in all matters of diagnosis and repair of problems of any complexity.

The equipment for carrying out accurate.

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