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Every motorist is trying to be attentive to his car, but not only regular maintenance is the basis of mutual “love” to auto, reverent attitude is evident even in such details as washing machines. Clean and carefully polished the car is always a pleasure to watch, but not everyone knows how to wash a car and what type of car wash should be given special attention. Car wash Carpets decided to look into the matter and identified three main types of washing machines.

Contactless sink

This car cleaning is also called chemical. Despite the use of chemicals, this type of washing a car is absolutely safe, but if Your car has the caique is any damage to the paintwork, it is better contactless cleaning to refuse because of chemistry — it’s still quite a strong reagent. For this washer uses a special chemical solution that efficiently and effectively cleanses Your car from dirt, for example, from the traces of bitumen, grease, traces of insect and bird droppings. The disadvantage of this washing can be called only by the fact that such an effective tool not only breaks up the dirt, but can also damage the paint. Despite the huge number of car washes in every city, there are long queues, which is a significant drawback.

Automatic washing

This type of car washing poorly distributed in our country. Unlike contactless, he automatic washing takes up a minimum amount of time, less than five minutes. The main work on cleaning run huge brushes that effectively and quickly not only clean, but also buff Your car.

Despite the high rate of sink (You would rarely see a turn on the sink type), automatic cleaning of the car has one important disadvantage: brush clean the hood of the car with too much power. Frequent use of this washing machine can lead to abrasion glossy coating on the hood of the car, the car will get a matte color. After such washing, You will want to carefully Polish the car, the restoration of the lost beauty will take from the masters about two or three days, and the cost will be approximately $ 10,000.

Hand wash

Yourself to wash your car — this is the most perfect according to most motorists. Of course, only You will be able to better and more thoroughly all wash your darling, gently Polish the surface, use the best materials and tools to do this efficiently prepolitical beauty and wipe the control panel. But this option is suitable for those who have enough time on it. As it often happens that many tighten with a sink that many particles can easily get into the paint layer and spoil the look of the car.

To get rid of difficult stains, for example, traces of bitumen on the hood will help special chemicals, do not attempt to scrape off such dirt from the surface, as this may cause microcracks, which may over time become more and paint will burst.

I wish you well and safe to wash and Polish your car — then please contact us. In addition to services, car wash, You can also purchase in our store all the necessary spare parts for foreign and domestic models.

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What washing the car safer?
Home / Car / Any car wash safer? Every motorist is trying to be attentive to his car, but not only regular maintenance is the basis of mutual “love” to…


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