Pick up the battery

Buy battery for cars wholesale will help our service program ’ Selection of accumulator ».

Rules for selection of battery

The selection of the battery is carried out consistently across multiple vehicle parameters, such as:


Car brand

Engine type (this parameter is essential for the selection of the battery)


Month and year of the car

The database contains most of the vehicles produced for the European market from 1994 to the beginning of 2012 Contact us if you cannot determine what battery is needed for the car.

Evaluation of the results of selection

Some explanations for the results of the selection battery for car:

All dimensions are maximum, the height includes the height of the terminals

Inrush current is specified by standard EN

The polarity of the R+ means plus right (looking at the front side of the battery)

Thin terminal means a terminal diameter of 12.7 (+) and 11.1 (–) standard JIS

“Adapter” means the presence on the battery separate lead adapter, giving you the opportunity to connect the battery as a connector for ‘thin terminals» and connectors for the terminals of the European standard.

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