Tinted glass cars

What are the advantages received by the owner, tonitrua car?

Perhaps the biggest plus toning car, which many people do this operation – it is a beauty. Tinted car looks more beautiful, even more solid than the same car, but without toning.

Tinted glass of the car to hide not only the passengers and the driver, but things, as well as valuable equipment (sound system, telephones and others) left or installed in the car.

Tinted glass saves people in the interior from the summer sun.

If staining was performed quality film and decreases the exposure to ultraviolet light in the cabin that reduces fading.

In the case when the glass is broken, tinted film can not fly to pieces.

Useful information:

In accordance with GOST established the following standards tinting cars.

The transmittance of the glass, providing visibility for drivers, should be not less than:

75% for wind (front) glass (can be toned glass 25%);

70% for the front side Windows (can be toned machine 30%).

The transmission of other glass, in addition to the above, is not standardized.

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