Service center

The dealership CTK CENTER has a large staff of skilled craftsmen, the necessary technical equipment for carrying out warranty and post-warranty service and repair of vehicles Nissan. At our disposal are:

most large-area car service Nissan elective 3 thousand square meters;

25 modern lift systems, with which you can produce high-quality repair of chassis, braking system, cooling and ventilation, as well as repair of the engine of Nissan;

2 posts diagnostics of electronic systems and electrical equipment of the vehicle;

paint and body shop total area of 716 square meters;

modern painting restoration laboratory short cycle (four posts of preparation and one spray booth);

three posts hand sinks Luxury”;

automatic washing of conveyor type;

Our dealership is ready to offer a wide range of high quality services to all who need maintenance and repair of Nissan.

A high level of service auto Nissan in our center is achieved including through the use of interactive method of acceptance, in which the client is able to present not only when viewed from the machine, but also when carrying out work on its defective.

Online acceptance is carried out in the so-called “zone of direct acceptance”, is equipped with two computerized posts and plunger lift systems with backlash-detectors.

Advantages of direct acceptance into our service center for maintenance and repair of vehicles Nissan:

to avoid unexpected costs, on the spot agreed on the need for further work to eliminate hidden faults;

the ability to expedite the receiving process;

the opportunity for maximum accuracy to identify the root cause.

Receiving a car in the service center Nissan repair includes:

a vehicle inspection completed by a master consultant in the presence of the client to detect scratches, cracks and other defects in order to avoid conflict situations;

diagnosis and assessment of technical condition of the vehicle;

detailed discussion and agreement on the upcoming renovation;

informing the client about the cost of repair, cost of spare parts, the duration of all activities;

the signing of the act of acceptance-delivery of the vehicle;

issuing to the client one copy of this act.

Delivery vehicle after repair:

familiarize the customer with a list of the works;

demonstration of work performed and replaced with spare parts;

providing a master consultant account with a comment on each of its positions;

issuing statements maintenance with explanations and recommendations;

inspection of the car to check for the absence of new scratches, cracks and other defects;

the signing of the act of acceptance of the vehicle.

Authorized car service Nissan, acting on the basis of our salon is open every day, seven days a week from 8:30 until 21:00.

To obtain additional information, to schedule a repair of the engine and other elements, as well as on maintenance of car Nissan phone


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